Picture of Event: Odd Birdz

Odd Birdz

Zavta 3
Thursday, May 30 2019 21:00
Entrance at 21:00

About the show


An original theatrical act in English, that blends together humor, nonsense, stand-up, slapstick, acrobatics, steps, dance, drama, music, and lots more...


The show takes you on a wild roller-coaster ride from one theatrical sketch to the other.

One moment you find yourself laughing hysterically and in another moment, you find yourself choked up in tears.




"Odd Birdz” is funny, and the company’s exuberance is contagious" New York Times


“ Transcends culture, origin and language” The Huffington post


"Tziporela's ODD BIRDZ offers 90 minutes worth of good, hearty laughs that'll leave your cheeks stinging from smiling and your gut sore" Broadway World

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